Join the NPLS Board of Directors
Board members play a critical role in moving any non-profit organization forward. At NPLS, we have openings for attorneys and client representatives to serve as board members.  It is vital to NPLS that clients have a voice on our board to ensure quality services are provided to those in need. Client board members can expect to meet 4 times per year during their 3-year term. Additional meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis. Board meetings are convened throughout the NPLS service area.
The main responsibilities of board members include promoting the NPLS mission and purpose, planning and evaluating the organization’s work, and establishing policies to guide that work. All board members are ambassadors on behalf of NPLS helping to make our community in Northeastern, PA a better place to live and work.
Interested individuals may email Vicki Coyle, NPLS Executive Director at

Current NPLS Board of Directors:

Gary Asteak, Esq.

Steve Boell, Esq.

Frank Bolock, Esq.

Elizabeth Burton, Esq. (President)

D. Toni Byrd, Esq. (Vice President)

Joey Foster

Frances Gruber, Esq. (Treasurer)

Joanmarie Herczku

Liza Lomonaco

Constance Nelson, Esq.

Laurie Pickle, Esq.

A. Lisa Pierotti, Esq.

John Pietrovito, Esq.

Jon Putterman

Priscilla Reyes

Clara Smith (Secretary)

Fred N. Smith, Esq.

Michael Vargo, Esq.

Linda Yarison