NewsNPLS Invites You to Free Trainings Covering Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines

NPLS Invites You to Free Trainings Covering Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines

Under the Fair Housing Act as amended in 1988, there are seven design and construction requirements that must be met. These are often described as “accessibility requirements.” The requirements apply to “covered multifamily dwellings” designed and constructed for “first occupancy” after March 13, 1991.

Buildings that that have been rehabilitated after March 13, 1991 are not covered under the design and construction component of the Fair Housing Act. This provision only applies to buildings that have never been used before for any purpose. Other laws, or building codes, may apply to these properties.

The seven requirements include:  

  1. an accessible building entrance on an accessible route;
  2. accessible public and common use areas;
  3. usable doors (usable by a person in a wheelchair);
  4. accessible route into and through dwelling unit;
  5. light switches, electrical outlets, thermostats and other environmental controls in accessible locations;
  6. reinforced walls in bathrooms for later installation of grab bars; and
  7. usable kitchens and bathrooms.

For additional information and trainings on these important accessibility requirements, North Penn Legal Services invites you to attend a series of free webinars on this topic hosted by Fair Housing Accessibility FIRST. These 4 webinars present a complete series that cover all Requirements 1-7 of the Fair Housing Accessibility guidelines. The webinars are free and will be 90 minutes in length (from 1:30pm – 3:30pm EST). Click the dates below to sign up!

October 11th - Accessible Routes and Site Work
October 25th - Accessible Public and Common Use Areas
November 1st - Dwelling and Unit Requirements
November 15th - Common Design and Construction Violations and Solutions